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Welcome to, an opportunity for personal healing, spiritual inspiration and changing your life. The method is spiritual mind treatment. The facilitator is Dr. Carell Zaehn.

Dr. Carell is the author of one of the best books ever written on spiritual mind treatment- Thinking From The Infinite, an easy to read volume on higher consciousness which teaches the technique of spiritual mind treatment in a simple, yet profound manner that anyone can use and understand. The gift to you is a means of healing yourself and your loved ones by harnessing the power of your mind and the desire of the heart through effective, intentional prayer, regardless of your personal faith.

The healing of situations, emotions, relationships is not dependent on the circumstances you see, but beyond time and space facts. That is why this works, and Dr. Carell is available to assist you in making that connection and creating the changes you want in your life.



In this moment, I realize the I have the power to choose my next experience.  I, as a conscious thinker, in tune and in alignment with the Infinite Divine All-Creative Power that is being all of creation, now consciously choose to use the Infinity's Power of Manifestation for good in my life.  At every moment, I am aware that I am both the inlet and the outlet of this Divine Presence in me, as me, and through me. Because my Source and my Power come from this Infinite Presence, my experience is not dictated by what the world is doing; it comes from my choice and my co-creation with the Universal Creative  Power to create joy, loving relationships, financial and emotional support and supply, creative inspiration and everything my heart desires. All I need do is ask within and it is already given, regardless of what outside appearances look like. Not only do I ask for what I want and need, I relax into total trust and acceptance of my good, knowing that the gift is already given and the results are guaranteed. So, whether I choose a new car, a more fulfilling job for my spouse or a personal breakthrough in health, the Law of Manifestation is already giving me what I believe about it. I now choose consistently positive, uplifting thoughts, write down my goals, and know t hat the Manifesting Principle pumps the energy into these ideas and desires and makes them so  NOW... not later when something else falls into place... NOW. I am the inlet and the outlet of God's generosity, creativity, supply, support, and caring love. I now expect to see that in every aspect of my life, and I accept all that good with enthusiasm and gratitude for the gift that is ALREADY given and therefore now in my daily experience.

And so it is.

Dr. Carell Zaehn



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